Getting a nose job abroad involves a surgical procedure known as rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is a surgical process of reducing, enlarging, re-shaping, straightening, or narrowing a patient’s nose. Prospective patients have the liberty of changing the size of the nose and changing the angle in which the nose lies from the upper lip and altering the shape of the nose bridge or tip. A nose job in Poland can be done for either medical reasons or beauty.

Rhinoplasty for medical reasons is done to correct breathing complications associated with the nose. It is also done to correct nose disfigurement, which may have occurred due to trauma or congenital disabilities. Individuals who experience nose injuries might opt for a nose job.

For cosmetic reasons, a nose job is to change the nose’s appearance for the patient’s satisfaction. Rhinoplasty happens to alter either the bone, skin or nose cartilage; or all three. In all these cases, it is advisable first to seek a surgeon’s advice to weigh the options involved.


Rhinoplasty procedure happens in a sterilized theatre room lasting for close to 2 hours, depending on the intensity of the process. Under this procedure, the nose skin separates from the supporting cartilage and bone, and the cartilage sculpted to a patient’s desired shape using a comfortable criterion.

Once the re-structure is complete, the surgeon re-drapes the skin over a newly-set framework. A nose job can be done either through an open procedure whereby a small incision is made across the vertical tissue strip separating the nostrils; or within the patient’s nostrils.

Find out about getting a nose job in Poland. Upon completion of nose surgery, the patient stays in the hospital under the doctor’s watch for a full day or night. After a nose job in Poland, the patient should remain in the country for 4 to 7 days.

The patient needs to carry out several measures to ensure fast recovery:

  • Going for check-ups as prescribed by the doctor
    • Taking the prescribed medicine without skipping
    • Perform dress-up changes as prescribed by the doctor.
    • Strictly follow the surgeon’s post-operation instructions.

Rhinoplasty is often involved with a specific level of risks and complications. However, these risks are rare in most cases where an experienced surgeon is involved.

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