Hiking is an outdoor recreational activity in which an individual or a group goes on long, vigorous walks, especially in rural areas. Due to the physical exertion experienced during this activity it also has certain health benefits. Thus hiking can also be considered as a great form of exercise.

  1. Reduces obesity – Due to walking continuously over a long period of time the body burns calories to produce the required amount of energy. Hence, the metabolic rate of the body also increases. This leads to a reduction of weight and prevention of obesity.
  2. Improves cardiovascular health – Hiking improves blood pressure and blood sugar levels. It improves cardiovascular health by reducing risks of heart attack and other heart related diseases.
  3. Improves bone health – This activity is a kind of work out in its own way. It also helps by strengthening bones. Hence, risks of fractures and brittle bones are considerably reduced due to hiking.
  4. Improves mental health – Hiking allows individuals to experience nature first hand. It is a way to relief one’s self from anxiety, depression and stress. Thus, it improves mental health.
  5. Strengthens core and improves balance – Walking continuously over different land forms that may be at varying heights helps to build core strength of the individual and also improves the balance of the individual.

However, it must be taken into consideration that hiking is a particularly strenuous activity despite having numerous health benefits. Hikers must always be prepared to tackle any kind of situation while they are hiking. In order to stay healthy and enjoy hiking, it is important that people must take care of themselves. Emphasis must be laid on the Nutrition for Backpackers and hikers so as to provide them with the necessary amount of nutrition required for this activity.