Medicines always help out people to get out of several health problems same why there are some medicines which help out human beings n performing sex and satisfying their partners. Like health issues, human beings also have problems with sex health which cause problems for their relationship and may end their healthy relationship in most cases. There are several sex health problems but one of these problems is erectile dysfunction which is getting common in human beings these days. According to a survey, 12 percent of men face erectile dysfunction before the age of 60 then 22 percent male get this problem in the age of sixties and 30 percent in the age of 70.

Erectile dysfunction:

So the question is what erectile dysfunction? it is a problem in a male partner when it is unable to hold the erection for a longer period and get soft before doing intercourse. Due to which people face problem performing very depressing sex activity. Because sex is one of the most pleasurable things in human life and if he could not enjoy it is it bring stress and hopelessness.

So why people did not get erection properly is because of less blood flow in penis blood arteries. What happened is penis gets erected when its muscles get to relax and the flow of blood increase in that part of the body so if it will not happen properly men get problem in getting an erection.

There are two types of reasons why men did not get proper erection one is physical and the other one is psychological. If we talk about physical problems it may include stress, anxiety, hypertension, and dubieties. In some cases, a person gets an injury due to which this problem occurred. In other reason, it is more connected with mental health and accrued due to past bad experiences in relationships. So if that is the case you have to visit your doctor but if it is physical there are several medicines which can help you let View Medicines which can help you out in this problem.

Medicines for erectile dysfunction:

There are several pills and liquid medicines which will help you get rid of this problem if we talk about erectile dysfunction the most popular medicine which came into our mind is Viagra. But we all know it has some side effect as well but now there were several other medicines which have fewer side effects on the human body.

Cialis is a new medicine which came in the market and has extraordinary effects than Viagra with fewer side effects. It will help out a person till 72 hours which is mostly from all other medicines. Some people did not prefer pills so for these people there are some other products in the form of jelly which you can apply on the outer surface of your penis. It will help to reduce the sensation level during intercourse which will help to retain an erection for a longer period. These products have fewer side effects on the human body as well.