Imagine that the weather is poor but you really want to have a quick bounce on your favourite trampoline without getting your feet wet, so you consider wearing shoes. But is that the right thing to do and is it safe? Well the short answer to that is no, you should not wear shoes on your trampoline and you should also not go on it when it is wet for safety reasons.

So in this blog post, we look at why you should not wear shoes on your trampoline and what you can do to protect your feet while you are bouncing on your favourite trampoline.

Wearing shoes on a trampoline can cause injuries to your ankles because when you wear shoes, your feet are not directly flat with the surface below you and are manipulated to the shape of your shoe. This means that there is an increased chance of you landing awkwardly on your feet, increasing the chance of a sprained ankle or even a breakage. Most shoes have poor grip on the bottom, this will increase the chance of slipping over when you land.

Wearing shoes on a trampoline can also wear down the trampoline mat. The rubber (or plastic) soles of a shoe can increase friction, meaning the fabric mat below can wear down quicker meaning you will need to replace your trampoline a lot quicker than expected.

If you are wearing shoes to hide your feet or because you think your feet a bit smelly, there are alternatives for you. Many trampoline users purchase a pair of specially tailored trampoline socks which have a small amount of grip that will help you to maintain that solid bounce. If you are wearing shoes on your trampoline because you don’t want your feet to touch the ground, there are many alternatives to this, including shoe bags which can be tied to your trampoline. Springfree Trampoline have these for their springless trampolines!

If you have a trampoline such as a Springfree Trampoline, no doubt you will want to keep your trampoline in good condition. Therefore you should not wear shoes on your trampoline because it will damage not only the mat, but other areas around the trampoline too.

But shoes are not the only thing that can cause damage to your trusty trampoline. Clothes can also do a lot of damage if you are bouncing on your bum. For example, if you have a zip on your clothing, the metal can cause puncture holes in the trampoline and wear it down faster. If your clothes have other metal aspects like buttons or spikes, this can be dangerous too. So it is always important to wear light and soft clothes when bouncing on your trampoline to make sure that you stay safe and to also maintain your trampoline.