Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is a medical technique that utilizes a concentrate of a patient’s own plasma protein rich in blood platelets to regenerate skin and tissue naturally. Platelet-rich plasma has higher concentrations of growth factors when compared to whole blood.

As such, medical practitioners across different fields such as dermatology, cosmetic surgery, dentistry, and orthopedics have used it to stimulate a fast healing response to heal wounds and treat injuries. It triggers tissue regeneration by activating stem cells and releasing the growth factors. Academy Laser Clinics utilizes platelet-rich plasma therapy for a number of treatments.

The clinicians extract the platelet-rich plasma from the patient’s blood thus the treatments bear no risk of complications such as sensitivity and allergic reactions. Preparation of the platelet-rich plasma is done using the advanced EmCyte PurePRP II extraction system. This extraction system results in far superior concentrations and efficacy.


Platelet-rich plasma therapy provided at Academy Laser clinics is aimed at treating several conditions. These include:

  • Rejuvenating wrinkles and loose skin on the face, neck, stomach, chest, and knees by stimulating collagen volume
  • Clearing skin complexion through restoration of healthy cellular function
  • Reducing the appearance of acne scars (used together with CO2 and DOT Laser treatment)
  • Treating erectile dysfunction by regenerating penile tissues and nerves
  • Vaginal rejuvenation to alleviate urinary incontinence and post-menopause atrophy
  • Stimulating hair regrowth in both men and women


The first step is the initial doctor’s consultation at Academy Laser Clinics where the doctors will determine treatment eligibility. The doctors extract the eligible patient’s blood, which is passed through an advanced centrifuge system to obtain the platelet-rich plasma and growth proteins. This process takes about twenty minutes.

The doctors then inject the plasma back into the patient’s skin tissue as per the treatment requirements. Patients experience only mild discomfort during the treatment as a result of inflammation and swelling. The clinicians may apply numbing cream if the patient so desires. The swelling and inflammation typically ease in 24 to 48 hours.


While the risk of complications such as allergic reactions and sensitivity nonexistent under medical conditions, this treatment is not recommended for certain patients. These patients include those with cancer or metastatic disease, an active infection, and a low platelet count. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are also excluded from the treatment.


It is safe to state that the majority of men have concerns about the size of their penises. The perception of a larger
penis is typically linked to higher self-esteem and confidence. Decreased
confidence due to inadequate penis size does affect the sex lives of many men.

For this reason, penis enlargement procedures are increasingly sought after today. In the past, the surgical options available were not only painful but bore the risk of complications. Fortunately, advances in cosmetic procedures have allowed for non-surgical options with minimal downtime.

CALIBRE offer none surgical penis enlargement Sydney and Perth. This penis enlargement Sydney procedure is known as the CALIBRE technique and was developed by the renowned Dr. Jayson Oates FRACS. Dr. Oates is a cosmetic procedure specialist having been in the industry for nearly two decades.


The CALIBRE technique is a fast and fairly painless medical procedure aimed at increasing the size and girth of the patient’s penis. It involves the injection of cross-linked dermal fillers below the skin of the penis. Over a period of 2 to 4 weeks, these dermal fillers are naturally integrated into the patient’s tissue. This same approach is used to fill out lips and cheeks.

The doctors at CALIBRE Clinics can also inject the dermal filing into the glans (head) of the penis for a balanced more natural appearance. Certified and experienced doctors perform this medical procedure in-clinic, which lasts for about one hour. Dr. Oates oversees and directs this team of medical professionals.

The results from CALIBRE technique are immediate with increases of 0.5 and 0.7 inches in erect penis circumference for a 15 ml treatment. This may vary from patient to patient. Given that the procedure is non-invasive, patients experience no loss of sexual sensation.

The results typically last between 18 to 24 months or longer. Patients can opt for minor top-ups to maintain optimal results. The CALIBRE technique is a recommendable option for men of all ages without pre-existing health conditions who seek a confidence boost.


Blepharoplasty is the cosmetic operation aimed at correcting defects and disfigurations as well as aesthetically modifying the eye areas. It is commonly known as an eyelift.

This procedure involves the removal of excess tissues (skin and adipocyte fat) and reinforcement of muscle and tendon tissues to resolve cosmetic problems around the eyelids. Academy Face and Body in Perth offers three types of eyelid reshaping procedures. The procedures include:

  • Upper eyelift – serves to correct hooding on the upper eyelid and involves an incision on the upper eyelid crease.
  • Lower eyelift – serves to correct excess skin and bags under the eyes. There are two forms of this procedure; one involves an external incision (skin is removed) and the other an internal incision (no sin is removed).


The Eyelift procedures that Academy Face and Body offers are performed by Dr. Jayson Oates FRACS at Academy Day Hospital in Perth. The patients are placed under local anesthetic and twilight sedation. The procedure takes between 60 to 90 minutes.

Following treatment, patients stay in the recovery room for one or two hours. Certified nurses at the hospital perform a post-operative review of the procedure. Patients are expected to experience some mild to moderate discomfort as a result of the swelling. The doctors can prescribe painkillers if need be.

Any surgical stitches will be removed after 5 or 6 days. Typically, patients need around one to two weeks off work following eyelift procedures. Pre and post-operative care are crucial for the eyelift procedures. The nurses carry out the care, which includes patient assessment and wound management.

The dermal therapists at Academy Face and Body develop skin care programs for the patients. These programs are necessary for preparing the skin for surgery and facilitating faster healing. It is worth noting that eyelift procedures have some side effects, risks, and complications. These can include swelling, bruising, eyelid milia (tiny whiteheads), water/dry eyes, scarring, eye shape changes, double vision (temporary) or visual loss.