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Are you one those who wants the radiant glow of from your teenage period back? Has the frantic lifestyle sucked you out of that brilliance that you once had? Or are you one those unfortunate who was born in a pollution filled environment?

Your skin is what you wear daily and a flawless, silky, smooth skin is something that we all crave for. Taking care of your skin is not only a physical process but also an emotional process. Why so? Well! because when you take care of yourself you tell your body how much you love it. If you are one of those for whom “I love myself” is not just a few letters put together but an emotion felt then here are top five tips that you should follow to keep that skin of yours as fresh and beautiful as morning dew.


Keep your skin hydrated as much as possible. Water helps in getting rid of all the toxins and improves circulation of all the nutrients. Apart from that our skin is made up of cells which are again made up of 90% water. Our cells function efficiently when fully hydrated. But the question is how much water? 8 glass? 10 glass?  Excessive water intake will also do you no good. Know your weight and divide it by teo that is the amount of water that your body requires.

Eat-Sleep-Relax Repeat

Often our hectic work schedule doesn’t allow us to get enough sleep. Not only sleep our working lifestyle has also affected our eating habits. We rely more on processed and ready to eat meals, thus leaving us with a grave and dull skin. Make sure you sleep at least 7 hours a day. Eat fresh food and avoid food high in lipid and sugar content as it makes your skin more oily. Fruits are a remedy for all health problems. Not only do they provide us with all the essential nutrients but all help us distress. Before going to bed just relax your mind and meditate all the anxiety, pressure and negativity out of your brain. Stress is the first of all things that take your glow away.


Clean-Moisturize-Tone. Now we all are of this protocol and many of us follow? Remove your make up before you hit the sheets. Don’t need to buy that expensive makeup remover. Apply coconut oil and with a wet cotton pad gently remove your make up. Make sure you inculcate CMT in your regular regime. Concentrate on your t –zone while doing CMT.

Exfoliate and Mask

This is an essential step as it helps you get rid of all the dead cells and the blackheads. Before you proceed for this know your skin type.  Dry, oily, intermediate the products used on your skin depends on your skin type. Try to be more natural. Exfoliate and mask once or twice in a week. You can use mild exfoliators if you have acne. You can use natural aloe vera gel with salt and rub it gently on your skin. Do clean your face properly before exfoliating.

A mask of yogurt and lemon has shown effective results. However, it is necessary for you to know the product that suits you yourself. Aloe vera gels from the naturally growing plants, Turmeric, and coconut oils are a few products that generally suits all skin types. Avoid using chemical products on your skin as much as you can.


It is necessary for you to give those vitamins to your skin. Vitamin E and Vitamin C are two essential vitamins that have shown to improve skin quality. They give you that natural glow. Eat fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin E and C. If your skin is not that oily then you can also apply vitamin E oil which is readily available in the market.

So, start giving love to yourself today for nothing is more important than YOU.