Both medicine and technology have advanced quite a lot in the last twenty years, which means that there are plenty of new procedures that are much better than the ones used in the past, especially at the beginning of the second millennium.

Procedures today are much safer, and while they are not so exclusive as they were before, that might actually be a good thing, since the number of doctors available is much higher than before, and the prices are not so inconvenient as well. In this article, we are going to cover two very common procedures that could help you refresh your looks.

Double chin injections

One of the most inconvenient things that a person could have today is a double chin. There are various reasons why someone would have a double chin, however, the most common reason is because of aging, followed by genetics and then weight gain.

You can get this procedure in various beauty centers and clinics, however, it is still recommended to get them from some respected and trustworthy doctors as the results may differ, or at least the amount of time needed for the results to kick in.

One thing that is interesting about double chin removal Melbourne according to Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne is that the procedure can be done while the patient is fully awake. In most cases the patient won’t even be aware about the injections, as they will feel like a mosquito is biting them a couple of times.

Of course, there is no recovery period, as the procedure is only about 15 minutes long, and sometimes you might take two of them within a month for the results to completely show up. That is because the substance that is injected into the double chin is slowly going to melt it away, so you don’t have to worry about any scars that similar procedures in the past would make.

You can easily remove your double chin

Thread lifting

It is a very common mistake to confuse thread lifting with some other similar procedures, and what makes this procedure different is that it does tighten the face like other procedures, however, it is not done by removing those extra layers of unwanted skin, but instead, the skin is tightened and lifted by the assistance of special threads that will go away after a certain amount of time.

However, even with the threads gone, the body is still going to be stimulated to repair itself for many years after the procedure is done, and the only real thing that can revert the procedure is aging. You can receive thread facelift Melbourne from Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne or other clinics that handle cosmetic surgeries and procedures.

Just like the double chin injections, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to this procedure. A lot of people do it, so doctors tend to have a lot of practice. The recovery time is usually minimal, but sometimes it may take longer than a few days if the person has sensitive skin.

Refresh the youth on your face with a thread lift

Final Word

Double chin injections and thread lifting are just two of many common cosmetic procedures that are available today, and if there is something that you are not satisfied with when it comes to your looks, you should definitely check out a beauty clinic or a center and discuss it with a doctor.